Why can't the app find the recipe on some websites?

JustTheRecipe is designed to work with most recipe websites, but there may be instances where it cannot extract the recipe automatically. If you've ever encountered an error message while using the app, you're not alone. Below are some common reasons why JustTheRecipe may not be able to find a recipe on certain websites.

Poor formatting

Some websites may not be structured in a standard way that JustTheRecipe can recognize, resulting in an error message. However, these errors are automatically recorded in our database, and our team regularly reviews the websites where errors have occurred so we can fix any problems.

Video or image recipes

JustTheRecipe can only extract recipes that are in text format. If the recipe is in a video or image format, you may receive an error message. However, we're constantly working to improve JustTheRecipe and may be able to support these formats in the future.

Blocked websites

Some websites have measures in place to prevent automated tools like JustTheRecipe from accessing their content. In this case, you'll need to find a similar recipe on another website that has not chosen to opt out of services like ours.

If JustTheRecipe is unable to extract a recipe automatically, you can manually copy and paste or type the instructions into a custom-saved recipe in your account. If you encounter any issues with JustTheRecipe, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for help.

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